Sunday, February 20, 2011


There is a lot of disruption occuring in various countries around the world of late. Uprising in Cairo, earthquakes in New Zealand, riots in Libya and poverty in the rest of the places.

Have you taken the time to look into why these things have happened or to look at the complete devastation they have caused? Have you taken the time to care a little bit more that all around the world, people are crying out for help?

I have always thought that it is essential for us all to be aware of what is going on in the world around it in the next room, the next house or the next continent. Sometimes we discover things that we truly believe were better left untouched and sometimes it's remarkable to find that we were so blind before we discovered this new, great thing.

Personally - a lot of the time I go around ascertaining and devouring novel ideas and actions, I am left feeling emptied of all faith that people do really care about the consequences of their actions or the endless amounts of torment that can lead out from one stupid, perhaps insignifigant to some, action.

Day by day we walk around, oblivious...but to what?

What is out there that is so important? What is it that we are completely missing? What is it that could change our lives if only we could open our eyes? What is the very thing whose very existence we choose not to accept?

I am not sure that any one of us is capable of truly giving an explaination for our ignorance. I am not sure that the majority of people are in any way phased by things that do not concern them. I am not sure that people feel they can spare any empathy.

But do we not need to stop and re-establish the things that we care about?

Perhaps one day we are put in a position that begs the very question i ask you to others. Perhaps one day you'll be the one, standing in your own wrecked little world, wanting someone to spare a little sympathy for you.