Wednesday, September 29, 2010

sunny day.

what an amazingly beautiful day in the mother city.

i was begining to think that summer wasn't really ever going to properly get here, but it seems the seasons are finally acting like themselves again.

i am a rain person. i love the cold.
i feel like i'm cheating on winter with summer but i really am starting to appreciate the sun [especially when looking at how unnaturally pale i am].

and all of a sudden the beach seems like the only place to be. and i love the fact that i don't have to sit in a boring classroom, listening to some teacher speaking completely monotonously about whatever, until 15.00.

god i love being out of school. it's perfectly smashing how much there is to pity about people who are still looking at something like four years of high school to go still. projects, early mornings, essays, tests, name it, i'll pity it.

anyway, i've got my slip-slops on, my ray-bans in my bag and my car waiting to take me to camps bay.

today will be a good day.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

four-thirty traffic.

i hate how some people think that they are so much better than others. you know, those people who walk around with an arrogant smile just because their deal in life is a lot better than others'.

more importantly: what is it about bmw drivers that makes them think they can drive how they please, when they please? it's like just because they drive an expensive car that can go fast they can drive around like complete tonsils.

and im not even being prejudice towards bmw drivers's just that almost every time im screaming at an idiot in the doing so to the rear end of a beamer.

they may as well drive around with a huge sticker on their car saying "look at me. okay, now look at you. now get the fuck out of my way."

um, no...i won't. im going to slow down to 80km/h and sit in the fast lane JUST to annoy you.

and if it's not a bmw driver then it is some chop on a cellphone who failed to pass the multi-tasking part of their drivers test or somebody else who shouldn't even have gotten their drivers in the first place.

or, even worse: a person driving a suped-up honda civic complete with neon lights and car extensions.

sigh. i promise you that i am not completely sacrilegious towards all other drivers.


there are some facts of life that people battle to grasp. and as much as our egotistical selves may hate to admit it; we are all sheep.

it sounds strange to say it. i mean, why would i start comparing the human race to small brained fluffy things?

surely we are more intelligent?

yes, we have leaders who spring out of the woodwork and get us all following in a new direction or believing in a new thing but, to be completely honest...sometimes i really dont think we are.

we all like to be big shots and tell ourselves and everybody else that our actions aren't effected by what other people are saying or doing but everything we do is effected by another being.

in this regard, we are like sheep. we decide to run in one direction because that's what is comfortable. that is what everyone else is doing. and even when we "rebel" and run against the traffic; we are still conforming to some other accepted way of living. it's basically conformng to the ways of the unconformists.

i hate to say it but i definately don't take myself out of this equation. a lot of things that i do are completely done because other people are doing it. and i like to think that i am my own unique brand of me but my own unique brand of me has had a lot of molding done by other people. i would love to say that my hands were the ones that shaped the clay figure of my life but it's never been just me.

and even if we take sheep out of the equation, there is always SOMEONE that we need to stop and think about.

b-a-a-a-d sheep.


the noon day gun just went off. i suppose that means that i've spent half of my day being relatively unproductive.

it's quite funny that even though i expect to hear the gun at 12.00, it never fails to frighten me when it goes off. i mean, i almost just dropped my cream cheese bagel for heaven's sake.

no class today. what complete and utter bliss. sometimes i really do not feel like i am studying anything at all. i have such a spectacular timetable that permits me to do holiday-like things such as sleep in, go out and occasionally not do anything all day.

oh, and speaking of holidays: justin bieber is in town. or, at least he was. i'm not certain of his current place of occupance but last i heard he was staying in nelspruit.

who knows WHY he chose to go stay there. it's not like cape town isn't the most beautiful city in south africa. perhaps he felt like he needed to get the real african nelspruit...home of the....wait, what IS the attraction there?

apparently he has come to south africa to get away from all the stress. shame, it must be really difficult for a boy of just eleven (or however old he is) to be world famous. but i mean, what did he think was going to happen?

parents, watch out for your daughters. husbands, hold onto your wives. because the saying goes a bit differently in hollywood..."reach for the stars and fly" is more like "reach for the stars and get mobbed by screaming teeniboppers, cults dedicated to you and let's not forget the mothers and fathers who get just as excited as the children do about getting the chance to maybe touch hands with or heaven forbid share a glancing moment with the biebs." it's a wild world out there, you never know what might happen with JB around.

i for one have not been infected with the "bieber fever" so i'm not going to be making any effort to stalk his whereabouts or "get a picci" for my wall.

kids these days.

Friday, September 24, 2010

it's really particularly ironic that on the morning i do a presentation on "crime in south africa", my car gets broken into and a whole lot of stuff got stolen.

what's most annoying about the whole situation is that yes, they took quite a lot of valuable stuff but mostly; it is SUCH an undertaking trying to get a new drivers license and ID.

perhaps this is all karma getting of back for something. thing is, im still trying to figure out what it's trying to get me back for.

in other news:
it's the airshow today.

although i am pretty certain that it isn't being held in my suburb, planes (the really annoying, loud ones kind) have been flying over my house all morning. well, at least since i woke up an hour ago and heard them buzzing about.

and whilst i think that it's every little boy's fantasy (well, one of them) to have fighter jets zooming past; i've always preferred the quieter mornings (you know, the ones where you sleep in a bit and think about how totally blank your mind is).

anyway, to further disrupt my morning, i now have to go and look for a number for pg glass cause apparently the one in the phone book doesn't exist. and as much as i love driving around with my 'black plastic bag, cardboard and window sock' ensemble on my car, i THINK i need to get my window fixed.

such is life.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


it seems that some people took badly to the cement statues mounting eachother in my previous post. but then again, i don't have the need to make everything in my blog completely pc.

im sitting in english now listening to presentation after presentation of "teen pregnancy" or "crime in south africa" or "hiv/aids in south africa" (three topics that are so completely over-spoken about that i can almost recite the facts backwards.)

anyway, im presenting sometime in this lesson.
"crime in south africa"
i definatley feel totally motivated to speak about this (que your realization that im being totally sarcastic).

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


i love this image. but, not to inconvenience anybody, for today i think the egg should have remained unhatched just a little longer. it really would have been lovely to have maybe an hour longer to loll in my bed, somewhere between sleep and unconciousness.

im sitting in my car right now, feeling a bit like someone who lives in their vehicle. but i can't find it in to me totally regret the fact that i didn't see the message that we got sent saying "no class at 8.30 on thursday" because i am currently witnessing something quite amusing.

and before i illustrate to you what i am seeing, i might just say that i am highly against women wearing velvet tracksuits in public. it's completely unattractive. and unless you're a granny of 80 who has decided to rock it with your own version of a juicy couture tracksuit (because let's face it: grannies are permitted to do what they please), there really is no excuse to wear one.

now see here: there are two women (and one really old man (the sugar daddy?)) standing on the pavement in front of my car playing catch-up with eachother in the loudest of voices (no, i don't care about your pilates class yesterday). and they are both wearing velvet tracksuits. and the way that both of them look just makes me realize how EASY it is for people to develop stereotypes. because my stereotype of a women who has a wardrobe of different colour big-name velvet tracksuits is exactly what i'm seeing right now.

people should just dress their age. and that doesn't even mean you have to be boring. but age-appropriate attire would be nice. for women AND men come to think of it.

and maybe my opinion is of little interest to these gold jewelry cladded, too much make-up wearing women; but still...ranting is always a little fun.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


fire, anyone?

did you know that amongst all of those exceptionally helpful (and often life saving) hot-lines out there, there is one that has specifically caught my attention: the pyromaniacs hot-line.

"pyromaniacs hot-line, how can we help you today?"
"i have a match in my hand."
"okay, don't do anything. we're going to talk you through this. slowly put it down."

i mean maybe i am just being completely unsympathetic to all those sufferers out there but surely there is a large limitation of what i hot-line can do for someone who is holding a lit match over a dry piece of veld on the slopes of table mountain.

what happens when they get to the end of the match? because even though the pyromaniac at hand is taking action with the best intentions by phoning for help; it is very possible that heavin forbid he (or she) does what a lot of us tend to do when a match nears our fingers: we drop it.

and in a twist to this tale: they advertise themselves on match-boxes. that's either very clever or very dumb. you decide.

Sunday, September 5, 2010


messages seem to flow through the air like they are made out of nothing. messages of love, messages of hate, messages of anguish, messages of friendship...they all seem to get lost in between the billions of people in this world.

how did we manage to find miscommunication so easily? better yet, how did we get to the place where we don't communicate at all?

it's a lonley place here inside a world where everything is stuck inside one's heart and mind. and when something escapes it just seems like an empty welcoming in reply. why bother even trying to explain when it seems like you don't really have anything to say back? i think that's where communication reaches its barrier. unwilling contributers enter the game and then it's like fighting a losing battle with yourself.

and maybe we do secretly try to let people in. in time we allow those hand-picked few into our hearts without them really realizing it. but even here, we sometimes lack the communication ability to actually say what's on our minds. and so quickly we arrive at the place that we started because we were too damn stupid to let ourselves feel something.

then again, sometimes we are just as stupid to believe that by telling people things; in the end situations will end with better effect.

and people have a tendancy to avoid the things and facts that they too scared to face. like those poor fools who declare undying love for someone, only to get a "i have to go" in response. it's the same concept all around.

can we revive something that is so far gone? it's possible.
saying "anything is possible" is just mindless dreaming but this; this is possible to do.

what is life and love and joy and hate and envy and emotion in general if not great reason to express oursleves?


i'm not sure why but i feel like telling people that it started raining about half-an-hour ago. as though something big is going to emerge from the fact that there are drops of water falling from some grey puffy things in the sky. but it's almost like i have more motivation to sleep to sleep now.

i bet that was a really informing post. hope i managed to alter your life in some way.


what an insanely chaotic evening. little kids running around, throwing food all over the place and acting like they own the house that isn't theirs.

but family is family so we can just accept the little things about them that annoy us. most of the time.

one the other hand, something i don't have to accept is something (or someone) i saw today. it really was one of those moments in which i was hit with a sudden realization. although, i suppose sudden realizations have to come from something that you havn't noticed before; this, i have.

here's the thing:

when did it become okay for eight year olds to wear full make-up, diamond jewelry, louis-vuitton sunglasses and walk around flashing mummy's gold credit card and saying things like "" and "that's so fetch"?

maybe i'm just a hermit who is oblivious to how times have changed but hell, i still think kids should be kids. when i was eight i was climbing trees, acting like a goof and spending my time thinking about how best to salvage the pebble i'd thrown into the pool.

and yes, granted not every child is a complete tomboy but in theory my child obligations to just being in kid were still in tact. and don't fool yourself if you think these pre-teen premature twenty-one year olds don't exist because i spotted one today. around about the time i had my epiphany.

maybe we can find someone to blame. like hannah montana. or gossip magazine publishers. or e! entertainment. or beyonce. or maybe just america in general. all the "catch phrases" and latest fashions seem to percolate into the young minds via everything american.

i think i liked the world in general a little better when people were coming up with brilliant things like the lion king and the jungle book. at least back then parents didn't have to worry about their children being completely effected by how good mowgli's one-piece looked on him.

then again, perhaps i am just ranting. maybe someone should throw me a document giving me the twenty-first century breakdown of what is okay nowadays cause it seems like my judgement is getting a little old-fashioned.


i've just noticed how little illustration to my words my blog has. i think i picture...yes, one.

but i think i'm content with it being dull and not asthetically pleasing. you don't need pictures to get a message across.

blind people still communicate don't they?

but i think blind people are besides the point.

anyway, i think i am on holiday. i say "think" because it's not actually a holiday i'm on. it's one.week.long. and we have 2 assignments.

although, i think i should just count my blessings and move on to other (more important) matters.

there are currently many things to ponder. about life in general. and people. and friends.

but it's sunday, let's relax.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


spring day and it was pouring with rain. weren't the flowers meant to be blossoming and the birds singing and the bees buzzing?
oh, yes i forgot about global warming for a second.
but i cannot find it in me to complain because i love the rain. everything about it from the smell to the way it makes me feel.

so i think i will let myself to continue to ignore the big "G.W" until such a time as the sun shines. or there are floods in the middle of summer or snow falls in the city bowl. cause in truth, nowadays the weather seems completely premitted to do what it pleases, when it pleases.

anyway i think i missed the part in my life when i told myself that procrastination is ok and that i should be a fully licensed fool for doing said thing.

i was meant to read a novel as part of an assignment.
i didn't.
i was mean't to complete the novel by the end of august.
i didn't.

but this is where it gets interesting:

our mark comes from a book review on the assigned book that i have to hand in tomorrow. bluddy hell, i wasn't very well going to read Reef in the space of an afternoon SO i did what any good student does...i googled "Reef by Romesh Gunesekera" and let me just tell you: the wonders of technology and search engines never cease to amaze me.

i DID do my book review. and not only do i sound like i've read and enjoyed the book but i also sound remotely intelligent. who ever said you actually have to read set-work books?

in other news: it's not late; but close enough to my bed time to say that i am going to sleep.