Tuesday, September 28, 2010

four-thirty traffic.

i hate how some people think that they are so much better than others. you know, those people who walk around with an arrogant smile just because their deal in life is a lot better than others'.

more importantly: what is it about bmw drivers that makes them think they can drive how they please, when they please? it's like just because they drive an expensive car that can go fast they can drive around like complete tonsils.

and im not even being prejudice towards bmw drivers specifically...it's just that almost every time im screaming at an idiot in the traffic...im doing so to the rear end of a beamer.

they may as well drive around with a huge sticker on their car saying "look at me. okay, now look at you. now get the fuck out of my way."

um, no...i won't. im going to slow down to 80km/h and sit in the fast lane JUST to annoy you.

and if it's not a bmw driver then it is some chop on a cellphone who failed to pass the multi-tasking part of their drivers test or somebody else who shouldn't even have gotten their drivers in the first place.

or, even worse: a person driving a suped-up honda civic complete with neon lights and car extensions.

sigh. i promise you that i am not completely sacrilegious towards all other drivers.

1 comment:

  1. "look at me. okay, now look at you. now get the fuck out of my way." - You make me laugh!!

    I want to steal that photo & blog about it. I have so much racing in my mind every time I look at it. It's beautiful.