Tuesday, September 28, 2010


there are some facts of life that people battle to grasp. and as much as our egotistical selves may hate to admit it; we are all sheep.

it sounds strange to say it. i mean, why would i start comparing the human race to small brained fluffy things?

surely we are more intelligent?

yes, we have leaders who spring out of the woodwork and get us all following in a new direction or believing in a new thing but, to be completely honest...sometimes i really dont think we are.

we all like to be big shots and tell ourselves and everybody else that our actions aren't effected by what other people are saying or doing but everything we do is effected by another being.

in this regard, we are like sheep. we decide to run in one direction because that's what is comfortable. that is what everyone else is doing. and even when we "rebel" and run against the traffic; we are still conforming to some other accepted way of living. it's basically conformng to the ways of the unconformists.

i hate to say it but i definately don't take myself out of this equation. a lot of things that i do are completely done because other people are doing it. and i like to think that i am my own unique brand of me but my own unique brand of me has had a lot of molding done by other people. i would love to say that my hands were the ones that shaped the clay figure of my life but it's never been just me.

and even if we take sheep out of the equation, there is always SOMEONE that we need to stop and think about.

b-a-a-a-d sheep.

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