Wednesday, September 8, 2010


fire, anyone?

did you know that amongst all of those exceptionally helpful (and often life saving) hot-lines out there, there is one that has specifically caught my attention: the pyromaniacs hot-line.

"pyromaniacs hot-line, how can we help you today?"
"i have a match in my hand."
"okay, don't do anything. we're going to talk you through this. slowly put it down."

i mean maybe i am just being completely unsympathetic to all those sufferers out there but surely there is a large limitation of what i hot-line can do for someone who is holding a lit match over a dry piece of veld on the slopes of table mountain.

what happens when they get to the end of the match? because even though the pyromaniac at hand is taking action with the best intentions by phoning for help; it is very possible that heavin forbid he (or she) does what a lot of us tend to do when a match nears our fingers: we drop it.

and in a twist to this tale: they advertise themselves on match-boxes. that's either very clever or very dumb. you decide.

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