Sunday, September 5, 2010


what an insanely chaotic evening. little kids running around, throwing food all over the place and acting like they own the house that isn't theirs.

but family is family so we can just accept the little things about them that annoy us. most of the time.

one the other hand, something i don't have to accept is something (or someone) i saw today. it really was one of those moments in which i was hit with a sudden realization. although, i suppose sudden realizations have to come from something that you havn't noticed before; this, i have.

here's the thing:

when did it become okay for eight year olds to wear full make-up, diamond jewelry, louis-vuitton sunglasses and walk around flashing mummy's gold credit card and saying things like "" and "that's so fetch"?

maybe i'm just a hermit who is oblivious to how times have changed but hell, i still think kids should be kids. when i was eight i was climbing trees, acting like a goof and spending my time thinking about how best to salvage the pebble i'd thrown into the pool.

and yes, granted not every child is a complete tomboy but in theory my child obligations to just being in kid were still in tact. and don't fool yourself if you think these pre-teen premature twenty-one year olds don't exist because i spotted one today. around about the time i had my epiphany.

maybe we can find someone to blame. like hannah montana. or gossip magazine publishers. or e! entertainment. or beyonce. or maybe just america in general. all the "catch phrases" and latest fashions seem to percolate into the young minds via everything american.

i think i liked the world in general a little better when people were coming up with brilliant things like the lion king and the jungle book. at least back then parents didn't have to worry about their children being completely effected by how good mowgli's one-piece looked on him.

then again, perhaps i am just ranting. maybe someone should throw me a document giving me the twenty-first century breakdown of what is okay nowadays cause it seems like my judgement is getting a little old-fashioned.

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