Tuesday, September 28, 2010


the noon day gun just went off. i suppose that means that i've spent half of my day being relatively unproductive.

it's quite funny that even though i expect to hear the gun at 12.00, it never fails to frighten me when it goes off. i mean, i almost just dropped my cream cheese bagel for heaven's sake.

no class today. what complete and utter bliss. sometimes i really do not feel like i am studying anything at all. i have such a spectacular timetable that permits me to do holiday-like things such as sleep in, go out and occasionally not do anything all day.

oh, and speaking of holidays: justin bieber is in town. or, at least he was. i'm not certain of his current place of occupance but last i heard he was staying in nelspruit.

who knows WHY he chose to go stay there. it's not like cape town isn't the most beautiful city in south africa. perhaps he felt like he needed to get the real african experience...in nelspruit...home of the....wait, what IS the attraction there?

apparently he has come to south africa to get away from all the stress. shame, it must be really difficult for a boy of just eleven (or however old he is) to be world famous. but i mean, what did he think was going to happen?

parents, watch out for your daughters. husbands, hold onto your wives. because the saying goes a bit differently in hollywood..."reach for the stars and fly" is more like "reach for the stars and get mobbed by screaming teeniboppers, cults dedicated to you and let's not forget the mothers and fathers who get just as excited as the children do about getting the chance to maybe touch hands with or heaven forbid share a glancing moment with the biebs." it's a wild world out there, you never know what might happen with JB around.

i for one have not been infected with the "bieber fever" so i'm not going to be making any effort to stalk his whereabouts or "get a picci" for my wall.

kids these days.

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