Sunday, September 5, 2010


messages seem to flow through the air like they are made out of nothing. messages of love, messages of hate, messages of anguish, messages of friendship...they all seem to get lost in between the billions of people in this world.

how did we manage to find miscommunication so easily? better yet, how did we get to the place where we don't communicate at all?

it's a lonley place here inside a world where everything is stuck inside one's heart and mind. and when something escapes it just seems like an empty welcoming in reply. why bother even trying to explain when it seems like you don't really have anything to say back? i think that's where communication reaches its barrier. unwilling contributers enter the game and then it's like fighting a losing battle with yourself.

and maybe we do secretly try to let people in. in time we allow those hand-picked few into our hearts without them really realizing it. but even here, we sometimes lack the communication ability to actually say what's on our minds. and so quickly we arrive at the place that we started because we were too damn stupid to let ourselves feel something.

then again, sometimes we are just as stupid to believe that by telling people things; in the end situations will end with better effect.

and people have a tendancy to avoid the things and facts that they too scared to face. like those poor fools who declare undying love for someone, only to get a "i have to go" in response. it's the same concept all around.

can we revive something that is so far gone? it's possible.
saying "anything is possible" is just mindless dreaming but this; this is possible to do.

what is life and love and joy and hate and envy and emotion in general if not great reason to express oursleves?

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