Wednesday, September 15, 2010


i love this image. but, not to inconvenience anybody, for today i think the egg should have remained unhatched just a little longer. it really would have been lovely to have maybe an hour longer to loll in my bed, somewhere between sleep and unconciousness.

im sitting in my car right now, feeling a bit like someone who lives in their vehicle. but i can't find it in to me totally regret the fact that i didn't see the message that we got sent saying "no class at 8.30 on thursday" because i am currently witnessing something quite amusing.

and before i illustrate to you what i am seeing, i might just say that i am highly against women wearing velvet tracksuits in public. it's completely unattractive. and unless you're a granny of 80 who has decided to rock it with your own version of a juicy couture tracksuit (because let's face it: grannies are permitted to do what they please), there really is no excuse to wear one.

now see here: there are two women (and one really old man (the sugar daddy?)) standing on the pavement in front of my car playing catch-up with eachother in the loudest of voices (no, i don't care about your pilates class yesterday). and they are both wearing velvet tracksuits. and the way that both of them look just makes me realize how EASY it is for people to develop stereotypes. because my stereotype of a women who has a wardrobe of different colour big-name velvet tracksuits is exactly what i'm seeing right now.

people should just dress their age. and that doesn't even mean you have to be boring. but age-appropriate attire would be nice. for women AND men come to think of it.

and maybe my opinion is of little interest to these gold jewelry cladded, too much make-up wearing women; but still...ranting is always a little fun.

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