Wednesday, September 1, 2010


spring day and it was pouring with rain. weren't the flowers meant to be blossoming and the birds singing and the bees buzzing?
oh, yes i forgot about global warming for a second.
but i cannot find it in me to complain because i love the rain. everything about it from the smell to the way it makes me feel.

so i think i will let myself to continue to ignore the big "G.W" until such a time as the sun shines. or there are floods in the middle of summer or snow falls in the city bowl. cause in truth, nowadays the weather seems completely premitted to do what it pleases, when it pleases.

anyway i think i missed the part in my life when i told myself that procrastination is ok and that i should be a fully licensed fool for doing said thing.

i was meant to read a novel as part of an assignment.
i didn't.
i was mean't to complete the novel by the end of august.
i didn't.

but this is where it gets interesting:

our mark comes from a book review on the assigned book that i have to hand in tomorrow. bluddy hell, i wasn't very well going to read Reef in the space of an afternoon SO i did what any good student does...i googled "Reef by Romesh Gunesekera" and let me just tell you: the wonders of technology and search engines never cease to amaze me.

i DID do my book review. and not only do i sound like i've read and enjoyed the book but i also sound remotely intelligent. who ever said you actually have to read set-work books?

in other news: it's not late; but close enough to my bed time to say that i am going to sleep.

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