Tuesday, August 24, 2010


today wasn't anything extraordinary. but then again, there isn't anything wrong with a bit of normality once in a while.

two of my song-induced thoughts for the day:

"if today was your last day. would you make it up by mending a broken heart. you know it's never too late. to shoot for the stars. regardless of who you are. so do whatever it takes.cause you can't rewind a moment in this life"

"i run from hate. i run from prejudice. i run from pessimists. but i run too late. i run my life. or is it running me. i run from my past. i run too fast. or too slow it seems. when lies become the truth. that’s when I run to you"

what was that that i was saying about music and its ability to describe the things that are running through our minds?

anyway; i witnessed two supposed car gaurds having it out with one another today all because the one (a young boy of about eleven) was attempting to take any business that decided to park on the older guy's "turf" away from him.

and whilst it was really distracting hearing them braul over teritory while i was trying to complile a "rough work" for an essay i already had the neat of; it made me laugh to see two people being so silly.

i think i almost felt like getting out of my car, handing them each twenty-rand and telling them to go out and promote world peace instead. of course i didn't actually do that in the end.

hmm, i think that's about all the blogging inspiration i have for this evening.
story time is over kids.

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