Sunday, August 15, 2010


i guess i am back. it's been all of two minutes and i still havn't ventured from thw computer to make some tea. i think i should just stop saying tea; maybe the craving will go away.

i was just thinking...i hate not knowing how people feel towards me.
obviously there is body language and a certain "tone" in the way they speak but for me: just taking a calculated guess on how you perceived sometimes isn't enough.

what we think is so intimate and personal. our thoughts are things that nobody else can touch if we chose not to let them. is it weird that i wan't to know what's going on inside peoples' minds?

i think everyone would like to divulge into another's mind. sometimes people are so blocked up by early-warning systems and barbed wire fences to protect themselves that the so-called obvious signs that remotely indicate what someone is thinking (that we should be able to read) disappear completely.

surely we are not that unable to trust or let people in as to rather live behind bars than speak what we feel. can we not share our inner most thoughts?
cry, laugh, scream and shout.
why don't we express on the outside what we feel on the inside?

can we no longer do that?
it shouldn't take a psychologist or psychic to figure out where our problems lie.
and yes...granted there are those that need help but what ever happened to having that person or people (be it one, two or five)that holds your complete trust?

maybe we just live in a society in which trust no longer comes naturally.
or maybe we should all just try a little harder to earn it.

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