Sunday, August 15, 2010


i feel like i should send a warning out to all the innocent people of the world who havn't yet discovered alcohol:

in your quest, sometime after you hit puberty, to ascertain the mysteries of the various types of alcohol in the world...skip right passed that evil little sign that will say something like "TEQUILA...right this way" because tempting as it may be...your under-age rebellion will not end well if you go down that path.

i've never been one to find the thought of taking shot after shot of any white spirit attractive and yet; i persist in doing this self-detesting act.

just make a mental note kiddies.
hard liquor won't put hair on your chest (if that's what you're into) and it won't make you cooler than everyone else. it's not going to make you invincable and it sure as hell won't dissolve your problems.

that's all.

on that topic at least.
and whilst i don't think any of my readers (all fourteen of you) are under the age of 18 or havn't experienced some sort of "wrath of the wretched drink"; i feel like i've done a good deed or something.
i guess you can just call me mr fantastic from now on.'s sunday. which means tomorrow is monday.
can't i just run away and hide from reality for a bit?
i'm not sure i want to sit through another week. where's the fast-forward button for life?

i was hoping it would be raining today. at least then i would have some sort of excuse for spending the day in bed reading and drinking copious amounts of tea. although; the true life-lovers would probably say i don't need an excuse for that.

crap, now i have to pretend to be productive to make myself feel better about the total lack of work i have done this weekend (not that i had very much). i am sick though...does that count for something?

i suppose all life's greatest questions are answered with some mashed up version of the truth sooner or later.

for now: tea.


  1. just stumbled upon your's darling. happy to find you, hope you stop by and say hello!


  2. thanks :) it's still a young blog so spread the word if you can

    i'll definatley check your blog out**