Monday, August 9, 2010


it seems that, for the time being, my internet is once again co-operating with the general needs that i have to use it.

so i am back on the blogging strip.
welcome to my world.
it's a tired one.

what's new?

woman's day was nothing special.
being a woman i should possibly be more concerned about this but in truth; i am glad that the stupid competitions and adverts for "special (only for women) credit cards" have come to an end.
for now.

how are you actually meant to spend woman's day?

was i meant to go out and liberate my inner femininity?
should i have joined in a riot and come up with my own toi-toi routine to promote womens' rights?

i don't think there is any specific way to spend the day.

i suppose as long as being a woman means something to me, i am perfectly content with withering away in the lovely nothingness of doing...nothing.

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