Monday, August 23, 2010


monday. it's a new day, it's a new week.

it seems that the nationwide striking has come to some sort of temporary standstill.
and whilst i am all for public protesting to get a point across...the point actually has to remain relevent throughout the rioting in order for me to remain respectful of the "angry people". so when babies start dying in hospitals and matric learners start failing all because people are demanding an impossible increase in their salaries; i stop agreeing with striking as a means to achieving a general standard of "something better".

and i suppose the same goes for my pattern of thinking on strkes in general (god knows i've experienced enough strikes in south africa to be able to comment on them).

what i don't, and probably never will, get is this:

why when they are striking do the municipal workers, for example, go around emptying rubbish bins onto the streets, blocking drains with newspapers and doing things of that detrimental nature?

it doesn't seem to proove any strike-worthy point other than substantiating the fact that they are a lot less intelligent than we give them credit for. because in the end; guess who has to go around cleaning it all up?

and the same goes for students who start a nice, unviolent demonstration of their disagreement with the increase in university registration fees; only to end up with a "closed until further notice" institution.

truly people do not think that by causing hundreds of thousands of rands damage they are going to make onlookers any more sympathetic to their cause...

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