Friday, September 24, 2010

it's really particularly ironic that on the morning i do a presentation on "crime in south africa", my car gets broken into and a whole lot of stuff got stolen.

what's most annoying about the whole situation is that yes, they took quite a lot of valuable stuff but mostly; it is SUCH an undertaking trying to get a new drivers license and ID.

perhaps this is all karma getting of back for something. thing is, im still trying to figure out what it's trying to get me back for.

in other news:
it's the airshow today.

although i am pretty certain that it isn't being held in my suburb, planes (the really annoying, loud ones kind) have been flying over my house all morning. well, at least since i woke up an hour ago and heard them buzzing about.

and whilst i think that it's every little boy's fantasy (well, one of them) to have fighter jets zooming past; i've always preferred the quieter mornings (you know, the ones where you sleep in a bit and think about how totally blank your mind is).

anyway, to further disrupt my morning, i now have to go and look for a number for pg glass cause apparently the one in the phone book doesn't exist. and as much as i love driving around with my 'black plastic bag, cardboard and window sock' ensemble on my car, i THINK i need to get my window fixed.

such is life.

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