Sunday, April 24, 2011

Uncontrolled Living.

I have always wondered why everyone walks around believing that being in control is the epitome of being. Of course, our very first mistake is believing that we have any more control than the minuscule amount that the universe grants us at the very beginning of our life.

We all like to think that if we have a “10 year plan” or if we have a day-to-day checklist that somehow the journey that is life is going to be a lot less bumpy.

The truth is- unremittingly making yourself more organized is simply like putting shocks on a bicycle…it’s a hell of a lot more comfortable but nothing is ever going to prepare you for that hidden thorn, that unforeseen loose sand or that annoying tree stump on the single track that inevitably lands you face-first in a bush.

We can tell ourselves that we are going to be more successful, more powerful, more recognized, more revered - if only we can stick to our goals. However, at the end of the day, none of us ever leave a gap in our list of ambitions for everything that falls under that neglected heading that reads something like “Here’s the unexpected stuff that’s going to knock you back a few steps. Here's the shit you're going to go through that may change the way you see yourself or where you want to be in ten years time.”

I would only fail to guess why we all like to avoid thinking about things that could go wrong in life. I am not saying that we need to live with a discontented attitude towards being but perhaps being a little less conceded about the realities of life will help us to live more balanced lives.

How are we even able to live when we are so focused on trying to achieve some sort of equilibrium whilst we walk on a tight rope of dreams?

Certainly, with all things considered: it may be credulous of me to think that trying to recognize the cornucopia of irrepressible factors and unforeseen demises that we will experience throughout life will make us any more prepared for the lemons that the universe will inevitably throw at us.

Perhaps we do not have to make the choice as to whether we stand there with a handful of lemons or whether we make lemonade. Maybe, just maybe, there is a way for us to live somewhere in between…somewhere that is less ignorant, less idealistic.

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