Monday, November 8, 2010

Life, unexpected.

There is an annoying habit that people have gotten into of late. The more I get annoyed by it, the more it seems to surround me.

People have this sudden tendancy to say "I feel like" and "Just saying" at the beginning and end of almost every single sentence that sprouts out of their mouths.

Surely everyone hasn't lost their imagination along with their entire vocabulary?

It's strange to think about...trends in general I mean. People will go from saying, doing or wearing one thing to something completely different without giving oneself so much as a chance to think about it.

I have done a few assignments of late and other than being for completely different subjects...for the majority of the time they all add to one point that is now more clear than ever before:

The world has so much influence on us...whether we know it or not. There are things out there that are seriosuly out to get us.

I dont mean things like gun-wielding crooks or animals that can eat us or natural disasters or estate agents and tele-sales operators...I am talking about the things that we don't expect to find somewhat threatened by.

Things like our online addiction taking over our offline lives, or losing ourselves for the sake of keeping relevant. What about forgetting about that belief that we once had in ourselves, just to be the person society wants us to be?

But in the end people just pretend to be doing what they want to be doing because they're too shit scared to be somethig different...something unforeseen.

Live to be a a little unexpected, you may just discover something wonderful.

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