Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Do you ever stop to think about those cross-roads that we inevitably come across in life?

You know...those ones that pop up every time that we are forced to make a decision that would ultimately involve more than one specific outcome; or the ones that solicit an answer from us...as though we really have any clue as to which direction we wish to head in next.

Or even those that leave our world so inverted that we want to go back to that place that brought you to this perplexity in the first place.

Sometimes I think it really would just be easier to go back. Maybe do something akin to a life sized u-turn, hit the gas and set right my past of so many mistakes and wrong-doings.

Wouldn't that just be such a weight to lift off one's shoulders? Knowing that you could re-live situations in which we've left people hurt, hating and haunted. Wouldn't it be so great to know that all of those stupid mistakes could disappear into something like a void of things that never happened.

But here's an equation I want you to think about....

Take a person...any one- seeing that we've all made mistakes- and think about their life. Now think about all of the mistakes they've made and people that have come and gone. Now minus those two things from their life. What do you end up with?

You'd end up with a different person.

If you really consider it...our mistakes are the very things that make us who we are. True- they are often best left not praised but if we dont make them then how will we truly learn?

Acknowledge who you are now and embrace the choice of which road to travel because more often than not; you're going to be left with a better understanding of life.

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