Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve.

It's christmas shocker there about how quickly this all happened. It all kind of esculated really quickly from "Hey, it's exactly one month till christmas" to this.

It's pretty though. I love how the christmas tree lights create a surreal ambiance.

The gifts are already under the tree...we like things set-up around here. Although, how Santa got through our none-existant chimeny is a mystery to me. I think he's more conventional nowadays...what with using sliding doors and the occasional window.

Speaking of conventional...

We had a marvellously UNconventional christmas eve dinner...simply asia complete with great wine and christmas balls.

The real fireworks show is only tomorrow you see. Why ruin our gnawing hunger with a great meal tonight when we're going to walk away from lunch tomorrow more stuffed than the turkey we just ate?

It's all very logical.

So...turkey, gammon, crayfish and the rest of ethiopia's food supply in hand- im embracing all things merry, festive and cheery tomorrow.

Have a great one.

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