Monday, October 18, 2010


i am a hoarder.

i have always thought this of myself and the happenings of today only extended my feeling of sureness on this very fact.

i am getting new cupboards you see. and naturally that means taking everything out of said storage space and relocating it no no where else but my desk, under my bed and any other suitable temporary holding.

and having all of my stuff in the open is giving me a grand opportunity to look at everything i have. which is a lot of crap. not everything...but a lot of it. i mean, have clothes from way back when when i was still one meter high with few ambitions.

and the boxes at the top of my cupboards behold even more fascinating things.
like study notes from grade 9 or lego from when i was 5 or, of course, my teddy bears that have been banished to the confines of a dusty closet.

i am not even sure why i still have some of this stuff. ive never been able to just throw something away without thinking about whether or not a will need it in some or other way in my near and far future.

and whilst i dont think i am suffering from any sort if psychological breakdown or build-up; my mind still seems to be able to make up a relatively realistic justification for what i am doing.

but for now: i will stare at the space where my cupboard usually is and ponder everything that shouldnt be in there.

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