Wednesday, October 13, 2010

unproductive thoughts.

public speaking...god i hate those two words. especially when they're put together to form some dreadful term i don't agree with very much.

i have to do a speech on friday and rumour has it that i am already nervous.
although i do suppose that this is where those specially formulated drugs for "relaxation" come in handy. bliss.

anyway, it seems like the more wintery-than-summery summer weather is starting to ease up. i have, however, had a bit of a sense of humour failure about the presence of this wind. and i know that it's meant to clear the city of all its lurgies that wonder in the cracks of the city...but still; appreciation for it is the last thing on my mind.

in other news:
i was at the airport today.
have you ever wanted to do that "only in hollywood" scene in which you're running through the airport, chasing after someone you love? or perhaps that other scene in which you're that crazy person who wants a ticket on the "first plane outta here."

although i can't say i aspire to be completely foolish and break all sorts of rules and bones hurtling through security barriers with blustering force to stop my one true love from leaving. or maybe im foolish for thinking that people don't do that in real life. or maybe, just maybe i havn't found that person who would compel me to do that just yet.

for now: i will dream of going far, far away.

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