Thursday, July 1, 2010


somthing particular has suddenly presented itself as a thought in my mind:
the bedroom, although mysterious, is actually the very place from which you can derive the most information about a person but at the same time not present the things that lie behind the obvious.

take my gran's bedroom for example...

everything is neat. she places her pillows on her bed in the same place everyday on top of her perfectlt straightened out duvet. her blinds are left at the exact height everyday and are adjusted to the best suited angle to maximise the sun shine. she has carefully placed brass ornaments on top of her dresser of draws (dark mahogany of course) which fit ever so perfectly with her photo frames portraying the ones she holds most dear.

the way i see my gran's bedroom could so easily be the way i see my gran as a person. she is very neat. and at 84 (possibly 5) she still really really likes routine. she adjusts her blinds everyday the same way she religiously eats one orange, some paw-paw and oats every morning. but through her routine she never forgets the things that are close to her heart. one might think that hoarding silly things is petty but her ornaments are old and when you ask her about them she'll tell you how she aquired them and you'll realize just how special they are. her photo frames don't need words to explain them because standing poised, they do infact tell a story all by themselves.

of course- in her room there are a few things that could, in a way, sum my grandmother up...

her hearing aid - evidence of time passed and her old age
hair spray - god, she loves maintaining the perfect perm
glasses - something i've never known her not to have
a stash of biscuits - always there to get rid of a craving
a make-up kit - she can never go out without "putting her face on"
a painting of my mom - reminding me of the amazing artist that she is
her sewing stand - the countless things she has made and knitted
a crossword - like chocolate for children
a picture of my gran when she was younger - the youth that remains as the body grows weary. she was, and is, beautiful.

and finally...her bridge cards. and that hairy green bridge table that she gets out every monday.

i mean, if you look at all that. a bedroom can definately say a lot about a person. what does yours say about you?

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