Thursday, July 1, 2010


A new blog. A new start.
It's really cold in my house. Almost like the kind of cold that makes me wonder if it's warmer outside- in the garden, dimly lit by a very faint moon.

I think it was spring high on saturday night. I went for a walk on Fish Hoek beach on sunday morning and the dunes had been washed away completely. Nothing of them was was kind of beautiful devastation though. Underneath the washed up kelp and oceanic debris I could see the old railway tracks from so many years ago...a bit of rusted old metal semi submerged in the sand.

Today was a very indifferent day on my behalf. Divulging the details won't be of any use to anyone, of course. It did, however, allow me to come to a very easy conclusion about something: showing a lack of concern about something can often do one no good.

Obviously...i linger on the fact that presenting myself with feelings such as indifference will, in the end, leave me completely worse for wear.

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