Monday, July 5, 2010


this week is a nothing week.
and although i am going away from thursday to sunday i still feel like i will be eternally damaged from having to endure all fifty-something hours until said departure. and this all makes me seem overly dramatic but i have method behind my madness. or in this case, reasons behind my...poignant attitude.

anyway this week (until thursday)could play out as follows:

wake up.
go scream at dogs for barking.
go back to sleep.
wake up.
push cat off of my pillow.
ensure that cat cannot get back into my room.
try to sleep again.
get up due to unsucessful nature of previous task.
take copious amounts of anti-biotics.
possibly change out of pajamas.
think about exercising.
go to computer instead because im sick and exercise wont help any of that.
download countless songs.
spring-clean my ipod to make it user friendly.
watch weeds.
again, take further amounts of anti-biotics.
watch more series.
do somthing else or other until supper.
pop some more pills.


it's fascinatingly mindless to think about everthing one is doing all day when everything is, in fact, nothing.

and nothing makes one's week go faster than the prospect of going back to a certain place of tertiary education next week.

ah, god bless south africa's education system.

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