Monday, July 12, 2010


my lecturer is trying to persuade us to be more creative.
in life, in work and in every other aspect of our life.
and whilst i love getting "how best to live your life" tips courtesy of yours truly; i left tech today nostalgic about the classes i attended which ultimately left me none the wiser.

in other news of the day: the world cup is officially over.
and everyone is going on and on about the inevitable "post-world cup depression" that will soon lash the shores of our country.

yes, it is sad that the festivities and all of the south african "gees" and unity (and all those other words that show the true togetherness of our people) are coming to an end but come on; depression?

and i know that when they say "depression" they may very well be referring to the many, many people who will now not be able to rely on that income that came from their temporary world-cup job; but some people are taking said word to new heights.

no, your life will not end now that you cannot get a weekly fix of david villa shooting at the goal.
no, italy didn't win.
yes, germany came third (again)

and yes, you will find something else to do with your time other than watch soccer.

i think i will take my business science lecturer's advice on this one and "find somthing new to get excited about in life."

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