Tuesday, July 27, 2010


it's cold in town. the sun is shining but the mist that is seemingly consuming table mountain is eradicating all of that good feeling "winter warmth".

i love how the mist manages to look so still yet it is constantly moving. boiling over the rim of the table top, only to disappear without a trace.

i never thought that sitting in a car in a busy parking lot before class would evoke any blog-worthy thoughts; but it seems even the best of us are fooled sometimes.

i suppose i havn't had all that much to say for myself of late. nothing of inspiration has motivated me to write.

of course, any claim of "writer's block" can be extinguished because one has to be a writer before contracting this so-called indulgence of one's stupidity.

i don't think it's stupidity at all. and i am not even talking specifically about writer's block. i speak of our minds in general.

sometimes there are so many ideas in our minds; yet we can produce nothing but yet another blank page or empty answer.

in my opinion, we sometimes over-think things. which, to a degree, is good. but what ever happened to simplicity?

why is it that all too often we want to disect everything that we think?

obviously we can make some bunched up excuse that we are doing it for our own greater good but sometimes choosing to view one's thoughts simplistically is better than combing through them with excrutiating detail. not everything needs to be a paragraph long answer.

keep it simple stupid.

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