Wednesday, July 14, 2010

rainy day.

fact of the day:

despite being the first hosts of a fifa world cup to exit in the first round, bafana bafana have moved up to number 66 in the world from their prior position of 83. seventeen places up and i am sure the world looks a lot prettier from where they now stand.

even though i feel that the expectations that our country had for our team were a bit too high in accordance with what they were ever going to achieve in reality; we still managed to play hard and put on a good show.
and hey, at least we beat the french.
(i still think it would have been amusing to watch the jaw of my very patriotic high school french teacher drop when they were knocked out.)

wow, highschool...that can almost be passed as a childhood memory.

anyway, it's a cold and rainy day in the mother city. i think there is more snow predicted to fall sometime in the early hours of tomorrow morning somewhere high up on a deserted mountain pass.

im actually suprised that we are supposedly already half way through winter. we havn't experienced any of that predicted lashing wind or ten-meter high waves or even the copious amounts of flooding. it's been a somewhat silent winter for us...or perhaps it's all just a poker-face for the weather to come.

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